Bath and Beyond

Well, I said I would follow up on my final days in England and to that end, here I am. I suppose I must apologise for taking so long….I think a part of me was hoping that I would wake up one day and this last long, hot month would have all been a dream… Continue reading Bath and Beyond



Hello everyone! Yes, I did make it back from England, safe and sound. And I will soon update you on my final days in that glorious country. For now though, I wanted to let you know that my silence has not been in vain and that I have not been idle these past weeks –… Continue reading Celebration!


London Town

On our last weekend as a school group, we travelled to the great city of London. Although we travelled as a group, we were given Friday and Saturday to roam free about the city, with our only required activity being a play in Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on Saturday evening. So after settling into our hostel,… Continue reading London Town


“All the World’s a Stage…”

If my time in Edinburgh was a low point for this trip, my time in Stratford-upon-Avon far and exceedingly made up for it. I made this journey on my own, not with any classmates or as part of a school assignment. Ever since my purchase of Shakespeare’s Complete Sonnets as a child, I’ve had a… Continue reading “All the World’s a Stage…”


The Lake District

Our journey to the Lake District began with a stop in Wordsworth’s Dove Cottage. A beautifully maintained home, it contained many artefacts that had originally belonged to the poet and his sister, including, amusingly, his coffee grinder, and significantly, a table around which he and Coleridge had conferred on matters lyrical and otherwise. From there,… Continue reading The Lake District


In the Steps of the Vampire

Our trip to Whitby took us first to the seaside resort town of Scarborough. For me, this had the significance of being the town where Anne Brontë died and sadly is buried away from her family, but alas, we didn’t have the time to track down her grave. What we did have time for was… Continue reading In the Steps of the Vampire