Let Diversity Die

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend an amazing writing conference. I heard lots of great advice and exchanged ideas with a number of new and established authors. It was an incredible and inspiring event. However, the keynote speaker’s address, which should have been the highlight of the day, left me with the sourest… Continue reading Let Diversity Die


Finding the Cycle of The Heroine’s Journey

Most writers of fiction are already familiar with the so-called “Hero’s Journey” as put forth by mythologist Joseph Campbell. This narrative archetype involves various steps taken by a given hero, such as a call to adventure, a crossing to a new world, and seizing of the sword, all of which invariably lead to the return… Continue reading Finding the Cycle of The Heroine’s Journey


Harlaxton, Here I Come!

Photo Courtesy of www.harlaxton.co.uk I brought it up to my parents last year. The only thing on my Christmas and Birthday list for 2017. In November and December I started making calls to the schools. I hit “Confirm” in January. I even Skyped in to a pre-departure meeting for students two weeks ago. But nothing about… Continue reading Harlaxton, Here I Come!


The Gothic Revival of Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak is a 2015 film written by Guillermo del Toro and Matthew Robbins, directed by del Toro, and starring Mia Wasikowska, Jessica Chastain, and Tom Hiddleston. Although this film is visually stunning, in fact having won and been nominated for dozens of visual effect, costume, and set design awards, as a novelist, I will… Continue reading The Gothic Revival of Crimson Peak