Freedom and Fidelity

Yesterday, we visited the town of Lincoln as a class, where we toured the Tennyson Archives (yes, I touched autographs from Tennyson, Whitman, Lewis Carroll, and Queen Victoria!), and the Lincoln Castle and Cathedral. While at the Castle, we were able to view the Magna Carta and the Domesday Book. I can’t tell you how… Continue reading Freedom and Fidelity


It Had to Be You – or – The Literary Magic of England

Why England? I mean, sure, there are plenty of other gorgeous landscapes out there and lots of interesting people to meet all over the world. So why, on my first and possibly only trip abroad, choose one of the most developed and American-esque countries in the world? One of the grandest passions of my life… Continue reading It Had to Be You – or – The Literary Magic of England


Let Diversity Die

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend an amazing writing conference. I heard lots of great advice and exchanged ideas with a number of new and established authors. It was an incredible and inspiring event. However, the keynote speaker’s address, which should have been the highlight of the day, left me with the sourest… Continue reading Let Diversity Die